Sunbeam Mk3 - The restoration progress

Restoration Update

The BIG DAY has finally arrived to move Tynny to her new home. With a bright sunny morning we set to work.

We got there nice and early to prepare for Charlie for CWF Recovery to arrive. Got here up and running, opened up the garage doors and waited. Whilst we waited I thought I would just double-check the brakes. First couple of pushes all fine, the third was greeted with a hissing, followed quickly by a splattering noise. The main metal brake pipe on the offside rear had called time! Well at least we gave the brakes a good go and I know Charlie had a winch… Ho Hum
Charlie duly arrived and she was winched with great care on the back off the best kept recovery truck ever!
An arty shot of Tynny on her movable throne. In the background a true stalwart of team Tynny namely Mum!
As you can see The CWF Truck is very nicely kept and the professional and more importantly careful service Charlie gives is second to none!
The reason I wanted brakes was that the drive here is pretty narrow and just in case the truck wouldn’t fit I could at least back her in and down. Thankfully the truck did fit albeit tightly… I’m in the background lining up the home made ramps to get her down to the lower part of the drive.
Another little arty shot whist she was still on the back of the truck. The interior looks quite good here in the shadow…
With a careful bit of winching Tynny is lowered into her new position. I was a little concerned as she was going over my ramps but they did the job perfectly.
Finally on terefurma again.
And there we are, now the hard work begins but first I have to deal with getting the garage behind sorted. Can’t restore her without a garage to work in.
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Just for bit of fun I asked my good friend James (also a classic car nut) to take these pictures and do a bit of filming. Well here is the edited film giving you an idea of the day’s activities. Now on to the next chapter. ‘THE WORKSHOP’ See Tynny's You Tube channel for more.

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