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Wiltshire Wiltshire Bourton on the Water
Manningford Bruce
Pewsey 1970

My dad and Tynny on the Woodborough Rd with Piccadilly Hill in the background.
Manningford Bruce
Pewsey 1970

My mum and Tynny outside the Dragon Inn, Now a
private residence.
Bourton-on-the-water 1971
On a visit to Birdland Park
and Gardens
My mum and dad's wedding July 18th 1970
The new Mrs Hardey My dad & Tynny Love in a Sunbeam
The new Mrs Hardey
I do hope with all the excitement of new married life my dad remembered to renew the road tax in just over a week!
My dad & Tynny
What could he be thinking? Perhaps wishing he had more time to touch in the sills before the wedding...
Love in a Sunbeam
Tynny fully decorated And off they go
Tynny fully decorated
Ready to surprise the newlyweds...
And off they go
Complete with a 5ltr Duckhams oil can in tow!